The Haitian gang
that has kidnapped 17 American missionaries has now threatened to kill the
captives if its demands are not met, according to a video released by a gang
member and reported by CNN. The man in the video, whose authenticity has not
been independently verified by Opoyi, is said to Wilson Joseph who goes by the
alias Lanmo Sanjou — which means Death Without Days.

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The video is said
to be from a funeral for gang members who were allegedly killed by the Haitian
police, a Haitian security official said.

Seventeen American
have been held captive by a Haitian gang identified as 400 Mawozo
since last Saturday. The kidnapping occurred while the missionaries were
travelling by car to the northeast of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince. The
kidnappers have demanded $1 million per hostage, according to Haitian Justice
and Interior Minister Liszt Quitel.

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The Christian Aid
Ministry issued a statement on the kidnappings on Friday saying, “We will not
comment on the video until those directly involved in obtaining the release of
the hostages have determined that comments will not jeopardise the safety and
well-being of our staff and family members.”

Among the 17
kidnapped are five children — an eight-month-old baby, a three-year-old and a
six-year-old as well as two teenagers. The members of the group are from Amish
in Mennonite and other conservative Anabaptist communities from six states in
the US and Ontario, according to Weston Showalter, an official with the Christian
Aid Missionaries, the mission organisation.

The threat to kill
the 17 kidnapped missionaries comes right after the families of those kidnapped
issued a statement on Thursday describing the kidnapping as a “unique”
opportunity to exhibit compassion. “God has given our loved ones the unique
opportunity to live out our Lord’s command to love your enemies, bless them
that curse you, do good to them that hate you,” the families said in a message which
was read outside the Christian Aid Ministries’ Ohio headquarters.