Ana Walshe‘s husband Brian Walshe was a ‘long-term patient’ at a psychiatric center and had been given a diagnosis as a sociopath. 

According to Jeffrey Ornstein, Brian Walshe was treated at the Austen Riggs Psychiatric Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, before being released a few years ago.

In a shocking 2019 declaration, Ornstein—who for 35 years had been friends with Walshe’s father, Dr Thomas Walshe, a neurologist—aired the allegations, as per the Daily Mail.

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He added that after being suspected of stealing millions of dollars from Dr. Walshe’s fortune after his death, Walshe had grown distant from the rest of his family.

On the morning of the New Year, Ana Walshe disappeared from the family’s Cohasset residence. A hack saw, a hatchet, a rug, and blood were discovered by police at a garbage disposal site close to the home of her husband’s mother.

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Walshe pleaded not guilty to deceiving detectives on Monday in the search for his missing wife, but he was still being held on a $500,000 bond.

Following the passing of Dr. Walshe in 2018, Walshe’s cousin and two of his father’s closest friends made the charges against him in the scathing 2019 court docs. Brian Walshe and his father have not spoken since 2009, according to Ornstein, who claimed to have known Brian since he was 13 years old.

He alleged that when Dr. Walshe tried to get in touch with his father after being released from Austen Riggs after about 12 years, Dr. Walshe rejected him.

Before the two split up in 2009, he was charged by his family with stealing almost a million dollars from his father. In 2018, Thomas Walshe, 71, passed away in India. The news was relayed to the son by his lawyer. According to court records, Walshe requested a key to the family’s $710,000 seaside home in Hull, Massachusetts.

The younger Walshe broke into his father’s house and stole a car, along with luxury goods and artwork valued at thousands of dollars, including works by Salvador Dali and Joan Miro. After being mistakenly identified as the will’s executor, the father-of-three allegedly tried to sell his father’s house for $140,000 more than it was worth.

Additionally, he was charged with trying to sell the other goods online and advertising a sale for January, months after the passing of his father.

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Walshe neglected to inform other family members about his father’s passing, and the errors weren’t discovered until his cousin, who had been appointed as Dr. Walshe’s executor, got in touch with a friend in 2019 to learn the news.

A month after a probate court ordered Walshe to file an inventory of the objects he had taken from the home, which he has refused to do, another family member took over the estate in July of that year.