A discussion over Bryan Kohberger’s religious values has sprung up online after he was detained for the murder of four University of Idaho students. Many people have questioned if the suspect is a Jew or a Christian.

After law enforcement was able to match the Washington State University graduate’s DNA to genetic material found throughout the inquiry, he was apprehended. Authorities also discovered that Bryan Kohberger owned the white Hyundai Elantra that was seen driving close to the house where the crimes took place.

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The victims of the November 13 morning stabbings were Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. Near the Moscow, Idaho campus, the students lived in a rental house.

Federal detectives are right now looking into Bryan Kohberger’s past, electronic communications, and financial data to determine why he killed the University of Idaho students and to strengthen their case.

@DenbrotS, a Twitter user, responded to another platform user by stating that the 28-year-old criminal justice graduate was not Jewish. @DenbrotS mentioned:

“Bryan is not a Jewish name. There is no Jew named Christopher. Kohberger is not Jewish, but Germanic.”

In a tweet, Twitter user @TrashidaL confirmed that the suspect’s surname is of Germanic origin. “… and Kohberger is a name of Germanic and Austrian origin,” the internet user explained.

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Bryan Kohberger’s faith as a Christian was also mentioned by platform user @elefneshikot. The middle name of the murder suspect, “Christopher,” they claimed, “obviously indicates a Christian family.”

@DenbrotS also mentioned that Kohberger’s former school, DeSales University, a Catholic university, issued a statement expressing their “devastation” over the killings. The statement said: “As a Catholic, Salesian community, we are devastated by this senseless tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families during this difficult time.”

According to the aforementioned netizen, the suspect is most likely a Catholic because he studies at a Catholic institution.

Bryan Kohberger is Michael and Maryann Kohberger’s son. Michael works in maintenance, and Bryan Kohberger’s mother is a substitute teacher.

Several other internet users have claimed that the suspect is of Jewish descent. “Can @ADL explain why another Jewish person has been added to the list of serial murderers?” tweeted Twitter user @RudermanSal.

The first semester of Kohberger’s PhD studies at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology had just ended. He was both a student and a teaching assistant for the criminal justice and criminology programme at Washington State University. He earned an associate of arts in psychology from Northampton Community College in 2018.

In Pennsylvania’s Monroe County, Bryan Kohberger is currently being detained on first-degree murder charges.

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His parents tweeted a statement after his detention saying they were working with law enforcement “in an attempt to seek the truth.” They also said that they will continue to support their son and brother, Bryan Kohberger, and that they have great sympathy for the relatives of the victims “who have lost their precious children.”