After his original plea deal got derailed on Wednesday, Hunter Biden was told by US District Judge Maryellen Noreika that he must look for a job as part of his condition to get his new plea deal approved in court.

The First Son accepted a plea deal last month in the tax and gun charges he is facing. As a result, it was initially understood that his appearance in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, to plead to the charges on Wednesday was merely a formality. However, the chaos ensued after the plea deal was rejected by Judge Noreika.

As a result, President Joe Biden’s son pleaded not guilty to the charges and was told to wait for a new plea deal to be laid into place. He has been accused of failing to pay taxes as well as lying about a drug addiction when he bought a gun.

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Hunter was granted a release, contingent upon conditions such as staying away from alcohol, submitting to drug tests as required and informing the court if he decides to change his permanent residence. He was also told to “actively” seek employment as he waits for a new plea deal.

Is Hunter Biden unemployed?

When it comes to being employed, Hunter Biden has had a fluctuating history. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1996, after which he joined a bank holding company, M.B.N.A. Initially he worked at the Department of Commerce at the company, after which he was hired as a consultant.

In 2006, he entered into business with his uncle James. Together they bought an international hedge fund company called Paradigm Global Advisers. Two years later, Hunter launched a consultancy company called Seneca Global Advisors that advised companies that were looking to expand overseas soon after his father became vice president.

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It is also the period which has received extreme scrutiny as it is believed by the Republicans that Hunter took advantage of his father’s powerful position when he joined the board of a China-based private equity fund and the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Come 2020, Hunter, having sought rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction, became an artist, selling some of his paintings for as much as $500,000.