Bennie Thompson, the Democrat congressman who is chairing the January 6th Committee on the Capitol Hills Riots, opened the Day 9 hearing on Wednesday by saying that the panel will put forth new evidence in the trial which includes testimonies from additional Republicans who were part of Trump’s administration. 

He also said that materials produced to the committee by the US Secret Service will be presented at the hearing today.

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Thomson clarified that this hearing will dig deep into the events of January 6th and will attempt to provide a broader context surrounding Donald Trump’s ‘state of mind’, ‘motivation’ and ‘intent’.

“What did President Trump know? What was he told? What was his personal and substantial role in the multipart plan to overturn the election?” Thompson said.

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“When you look back at what has come out through this committee’s work, the most striking fact is that all this evidence comes almost entirely from Republicans.”

Thomson also said that the committee will air ‘never-before-seen’ footage of congressional leaders who were coordinating the response to the Capitol Hill Riots to make sure that “people’s business went forward” as usual.

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who is serving as one of the members of the committee, said at the Thursday hearing that there is clear evidence to show that Trump was planning well in advance with conservative activist Tom Fitton to declare victory. She presented an email exchange between the former president and the Fittor to substantiate the claims.

‘The evidence shows that his false victory speech was planned well in advance before any votes had been counted,” she said, adding, “It was a premeditated plan by the President to declare victory no matter what the actual result was.”