A Jewish woman’s store in NYC was attacked by a mob of Hamas supporters because she hung posters of Israeli hostages in the store window.

A Bronx political activist, Efrain Gonzalez, is facing backlash from fellow Democrats due to his past anti-Semitic remarks on social media. These remarks resurfaced after Gonzalez crossed party lines to endorse a Republican candidate, Kristy Marmorato, instead of the incumbent Democrat, Marjorie Velazquez, in the Bronx’s 13th District in a heated New York City Council race.

In one of the old Facebook videos, Gonzalez is heard making derogatory comments about Jews, stating, “Jews are the most corrupt real estate people in New York.” Another video targeted the Bronx Democratic Party and Jewish attorney Stanley Schlein, describing them as “weeds” and insinuating that the attorney used black and Latino individuals for his own interests.

Gonzalez’s comments also included offensive remarks about New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, insinuating that Heastie was being controlled by a Jewish individual, which he deemed “scary.”

The exact dates of these videos remain unclear, but at least one of them was from earlier this year, referencing a deal involving the Trump Organization and casino giant Bally’s. Some of the videos have since been deleted from Gonzalez’s Facebook page.

These anti-Semitic remarks have drawn sharp criticism from fellow Democrats, further complicating the already contentious political landscape in the 13th District of the Bronx.