John Lauro, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, was interviewed by host Dana Bash on Sunday during a part of CNN’s State of the Union. The topic of discussion was the recent denial of Lauro’s request by a judge over the former president’s prosecution in connection with the events of January 6.

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On CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash and John Lauro got into a heated discussion about the specifics of the most recent Trump 2020 case. They argued over whether “the Biden Administration” started the prosecution or if it came about as a result of the special counsel’s inquiry.

Bash questioned John Lauro over the recent denial of his request for a three-day extension to evaluate the proposed rules for the processing of material from the special counsel. Bash asked more questions regarding the proposed protective order, which would let Donald Trump see some private information but prevent him from taking it with him.

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John Lauro responded to Dana Bash’s query by saying that the protective order proposal put forth by the Biden administration is an effort to block the media from getting access to critical, non-sensitive evidence that can potentially show President Trump’s innocence.

However, Bash interrupted him by saying, “This isn’t by the Biden administration; this is by the special independent counsel.”

Lauro asserted in the interview that Merrick Garland had to provide the go-ahead for the special counsel’s investigation into the President Trump case. Additionally, he said that Joe Biden had said he wanted to see President Trump indicted and disqualified from running in November 2022.

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Dana Bash cut him off by claiming that there was no proof of Joe Biden’s involvement in the special counsel’s activities.

The interview between the two made a lot of headlines and surfaced on social media. Many users commented and shared their opinions on the claims made by Trump’s attorney, John Lauro.