John Eastman, the US attorney who is also a close aide of former US President Donald Trump, has been ordered by Judge David O. Carter of central California’s federal district court to hand over more information about his emails to the January 6th committee that is investigating the Capitol Riots.

The judge has asked Eastman to also hand over information regarding emails he exchanged with Trump attorneys where they talked about litigations in order to delay the certification of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

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In his judgement, Carter wrote, “The emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public”, further adding, “The Court finds that these emails are sufficiently related to and in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the United States”.

Eastman has also been ordered to hand over parts of his plans in which he had proposed ideas to former Vice President Mike Pence on January 6, 2021, to disrupt the certification process. 

Earlier, Judge Carter had brought to light a number of Eastman’s emails to the House committee investigators. However, the two sides have been still arguing about 562 documents pertaining to his Chapman University email account.

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Regarding the release of eight documents from the aforementioned 562, Judge Carter noted that they could be released since they come under the crime-fraud exception, which allows the declassification of otherwise privileged documents.

Eastman is noted for releasing a couple of memos during the 2020 election results in regard to Pence’s “power to hold up the certification.” This theory, which is popularly known as the Pence Card and wad first proposed by Ivan Raiklin, wanted to award the former vice president the power to reject votes from states that were deemed fraudulent by the Trump camp.