Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, made an odd claim on social media, claiming that she had previously run for the presidency of the United States in a since-deleted tweet.


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Jean-Pierre in a deleted tweet said, “Investing in America means investing in ALL of America,” read Jean-Pierre’s statement on social media. “When I ran for President, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind.”

The announcement appeared on the social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter at 3:05 PM EDT. The post was removed after less than 30 minutes.

As the tweet surfaced on social media, it garnered a lot of attention. Several X users trolled the press secretary for the weird mistake. Several reacted to the deleted tweet and made it viral. 

One user wrote, “I guess KJP runs the Joe Biden account. That’s historic. 😂😂😂A little like Fanni Willis submitting the indictments while the grand jury was still convening.”

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“Whitehouse Screw Up Accidentally Posts as Biden in Karine Jean-Pierre’s Twitter Account!I didn’t need proof that Biden doesn’t write his own Tweets, but this is the best way they could have revealed it.”, another user wrote.

One user wrote, “Congrats to Karine Jean-Pierre for becoming the first black, immigrant, lesbian, woman to become president! Our diversity is our strength!”

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Karine Jean-Pierre, an American political consultant is well-known for serving as the White House press secretary since May 13th, 2022. She is notable for being the first LGBT person of color and a Black person to hold this post.

She worked as Jen Psaki’s deputy press secretary from 2021 to 2022 before taking on her current position. She additionally worked as Kamala Harris’ chief of staff as she ran for vice president of the United States in 2020.