In her most recent book, “Oath and Honor,” former Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) describes an incident in which a fellow House member calls former President Trump “Orange Jesus.” In the book, Cheney recounts the incident, focusing on a scene that occurred on January 6, 2021, in the GOP cloakroom at the Capitol. 

According to Cheney’s account, members were asked to sign objection forms regarding electoral votes for every state in which GOP candidates were running.

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Liz Cheney, in her next book, ‘Oath and Honor,’ discloses that Republican Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee was one of the signatories on electoral vote objection sheets on January 6, 2021. ‘The things we do for the Orange Jesus,’ Green said as he signed the pages, according to Cheney’s account, CNN reported from an advance copy of the book that will be released on December 5.

In recent years, Cheney, a former congresswoman from Wyoming, has been an outspoken opponent of Trump. She was one of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach the former president on the day of the Capitol riot. Cheney was involved in the House Select Committee that looked into the attack as well.

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The book also contains Cheney’s allegation that two days after the election, former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy told her that Trump knew he had lost the 2020 presidential contest. CNN reports that McCarthy spoke with Trump about the issue and told Cheney, “He knows it’s over.”

Several X users also reacted to it after Liz Cheney made the headlines and ‘Orange Jesus’ started trending on X.

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One user wrote, “How about what your part Mr Jordan was on the January 6 event? Your part with orange Jesus? America wants to know why u turned ur back on those innocent kids during ur Coaching days?  America wants to know Jim ?  What’s the truth, Jim?  America wants to know!  the truth?”

“WAIT…MAGAs are posting this photo of “orange Jesus” with a supposed real Jesus without realizing it’s Charles Manson. Lol 🥴 I just can’t with these people. #MorningJoe” another user wrote.