In a recent lawsuit, it is alleged that Sofia Vergara failed to fulfill a payment of over $1.7 million to a contractor responsible for a substantial renovation of her opulent Beverly Hills residence. The legal documents, obtained by TMZ, reveal that the actress enlisted the services of Reside Custom Homes (RCH) in April 2022 to carry out construction work on her $26 million mansion in the exclusive Beverly Park neighborhood.

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According to RCH, Vergara had initially agreed to cover the costs of the work along with the contractor’s fee. However, the lawsuit contends that she did not honor this commitment upon the completion of the project. RCH asserts that the majority of the work was finished by December 2022, but additional requests from Vergara, extending beyond the original scope of the agreement, prolonged the job until March 2023 — the month when Sofia returned to inhabit the residence.

Among the extra tasks, RCH claims that Vergara insisted on installing clay plaster in three powder rooms, an office, the dining room walls, the cabana bathroom, and the guest house living room. Additionally, she requested the removal and replacement of a flight of stairs. Allegedly, RCH fronted the money for these additional endeavors to complete the improvements, with Vergara assuring them that she would settle the bill. The lawsuit asserts that despite purportedly approving an invoice for nearly $900,000 and instructing her money manager to settle the amount, Vergara failed to follow through, leaving an outstanding balance of $1,700,492.64.

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Sofia Vergara’s attorney, Marty Singer, responded to these claims, stating that it was actually Vergara who initiated the legal action by sending a demand letter to RCH on October 4. In this letter, she alleged that the company was responsible for $5 million in damages, citing overcharging, substandard work, and project delays. Singer expressed confidence that Vergara would prevail in the lawsuit and receive substantial payment.