At least two people have been injured and nearby homes evacuated following an explosion in Marengo, Iowa, on Thursday.

According to eyewitnesses, the explosion took place in the 800 block of East South Street. Local media reported that the burning building is a grain elevator and soybean crusher facility owned by Heartland Crush.

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Officers arrived at the scene and evacuated several homes, urging people to avoid being outside due to the excessive smoke caused by the explosion. The cause of the explosion was not immediately known. 

Authorities also asked people to avoid the area.

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Several medical helicopters were dispatched to the scene along with multiple fire departments to contain the fire. 

Residents who were evacuated were asked to go to the Iowa County Transportation Building located at 1680 Franklin Avenue.

According to local reports, multiple patients are being treated at the University of Iowa Health Hospitals & Clinics for injuries following the explosion. UIHC said that doctors are evaluating the severity of injuries and working to ensure all patients receive the care and treatment required.

The Iowa State Patrol said that their preliminary findings indicate that approximately 30 people were in the plant and none of them are missing. The law enforcement also added that there are no confirmed deaths.

Residents of the city have been told to stay indoors due to the poor air quality. Travelers and drivers have also been advised to avoid the 800 block of East South Street.

Marengo is located about 80 miles east of Des Moines. A plume of smoke was seen towering in the sky over the city. The fire was seen along East South Street, in the eastern edge of town.