Pima County supervisor Matt Heinz got bombed by a person in underwear while the former was attending an online board meeting. The incident, while generating laughter from some internet users, also had others fuming. 

In the video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, Heinz was unaware of the presence of a man in the background, who was scantily clothed. He donned a black vest top and underwear, with a baseball cap, and could be seen lifting his top in the clip. 

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When Heinz noticed the presence of his uninvited guest, he reacted by turning his video off. Here’s a look:

Heinz is an openly gay Democrat supervisor of Pima county, which is situated in Arizona. He was earlier a physician at Tuscon Medical Center, but gained popularity after being elected as the first openly gay member in Arizona House of Representative

He served in Arizona’s house up until 2012. He lost two US house election races in in 2016 and 2018 before finally being elected District 2 Pima County supervisor in the 2020 elections. 

In December 2021, Heinz made headlines after speaking for a countrywide mask mandate, calling for an indoor mask mandate in schools, both private and public. However, the measure was not put into place after getting rejected by 3-2 vote. 

Internet users have called out this behavior, labeling it as “unprofessional”, and copping flak online. 

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“Too busy to show up at work because he was busy boinking?” a twitter user said. 

“Is this unprofessional conduct by a physician?” another one questioned. 

It is not confirmed whether Heinz is in a relationship or married, as no record of marriage listed on Pima County website bio.