Hours after the shooting outside Louisiana’s Southern University that left 11 injured, shooting inside a Dallas hospital shocked Texas residents on Saturday, October 22. The incident took place on Saturday morning and resulted in two victims sustaining gunshot injuries.

As per local media reports, the police have detained a suspect in connection with the shooting that took place in the Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Saturday morning in Dallas, Texas. The authorities revealed that officers responded to a shooting report at the hospital around 11:15 am local time and found two victims with gunshot injuries.

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Local media reports suggest that both victims works as nurses at the hospital, were alive when the police found them. One of the victims is in a critical state while another is undergoing treatment. The shooting happened inside the hospital building on the 1400 block of North Beckley Avenue.

The police are yet to release any information regarding what led to the incident or the identities of the victims or the suspect.

The Methodist Dallas Medical Center has a private police department in charge of security on its campus, however, have requested the Dallas Police Department to assist in the case.

Following the shooting, an event which would have provided breast cancer survivors a tour of the hospital’s new Linda and Mitch Hart Breast Cancer Center has been cancelled.

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Gun violence is rising in the United States and the shooting incident at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, comes amidst an increasing rate of similar violent crimes in the country. Earlier this year, shooting incidents inside different hospitals were reported across the United States, which left multiple dead and many others injured.

Last month, Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas reported a shooting inside the hospital. Local police responded to the scene immediately but could not find an active shooter. Fortunately, the incident did not result in anybody getting injured.