Paul Pelosi, United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, was attacked at the couple’s home in San Francisco early morning Friday, the Democratic speaker’s office said in a statement. Drew Hamill, a spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi, said the assailant is in custody and is being investigated. 

Hamill further said that Paul Pelosi has been taken to a hospital. The 82-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. 

“This is nightmarish. I wish Paul Pelosi a full and rapid recovery. The far right has normalized the use of violence even against the families of public officials with whom somebody might disagree. This absolutely must stop,” tweeted American legal scholar Lawrence Tribe after news of the attack on Paul Pelosi broke. 

Initial reports say Paul Pelosi was attacked during a break-in of the Pelosi household. Nancy Pelosi was not at home at the time. 

In August this year, Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and was fined $7,000. The House Speaker’s husband had to spend two days in jail. He was also ordered by the court to install an ignition interlock device that the driver of a vehicle must breath into in order for the car to start. 

Pelosi was also awarded a three-year probation, as part of which, he was required to attend a three-month driving driver class. 

Paul Pelosi had to plead guilty following a crash on May 28 in Napa county. Police were responding to the incident after 10 pm, when they found Paul Pelosi in the driver’s seat of a Porsche Carrera and the other driver standing outside a sports utility vehicle. 

Law enforcement reported that Pelosi was “unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odour of an alcoholic beverage.” A DUI test showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.082%, marginally over the legal limit. 

This is a breaking news story. More details will be added.