The Nashville Police Department reported a minimum of four deaths following flash floods in Nashville, Tennessee on late Saturday. 

The flash floods were caused due to severe weather and continued till early Sunday morning, reported CNN. 

As per the National Weather Service(NWS) in Nashville, there had been reports of people hiding in their attics to protect themselves from the rising water and holding on to trees. 

Up to 130 people have been rescued from their homes and vehicles by the water rescue teams of the Nashville Fire Department according to the Nashville Office of Emergency Management. 

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Nashville NWS said on Sunday that more than 5 inches of rain fell from Saturday 10 pm to 5 am Sunday local time. The airport saw 7 inches of rainwater falling since Saturday.  

The Cumberland River flows through downtown Nashville is expected to go into a moderate- or major-flood stage in the coming days reported CNN. 

Haley Brink, a CNN meteorologist said that rain can be expected next Tuesday night till Wednesday. 

There have also been reports of tornado damage in lieu of the storm system. 

County Sheriff Brian Duke said two houses had been “extensively damaged, one of which was destroyed” by a Tornado in Middlefork, near Lexington. On Saturday afternoon the radar showed potential twin tornadoes, 80 miles from southwest Nashville, reported CNN.