New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday amid a number of sexual harassment allegations, Associated Press reported. The three-term governor’s resignation, which will take effect in two weeks, was announced as momentum built in the legislature to remove him by impeachment.

The decision comes at the backdrop of the investigation conducted by New York’s attorney general office. The probe found that found Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women in his tenure.

Independent investigators appointed by James — led by Joon H Kim and Anne L Clark — released their report into the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by Cuomo on Tuesday.

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Officials who had conducted the probe said the Democrat subjected women to unwanted kisses, groped their breasts or buttocks or otherwise touched them inappropriately.

The investigation also found that Cuomo made insinuating remarks about their looks and their sex lives and created a work environment rife with fear and intimidation, reported AP.

According to the investigation, Cuomo’s actions and those of the executive chamber violated multiple state and federal laws, as well as the Executive Chamber’s own written policies.

The sexual misconduct complaints were reported early in December 2020 when multiple women came forward and alleged that Cuomo sexually harassed them during work.

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For investigation, the officials interviewed 179 individuals, including complainants, current and former members of the Executive Chamber, State Troopers, additional state employees, and others who interacted regularly with the governor.

The politician is now facing the possibility of criminal charges sexual misconduct claims by 11 of his former and current employees.

Hours before Cuomo’s resignation, a top aide to the New York governor has also resigned amid the sexual harassment controversy.

Melissa DeRosa, who had served as secretary to the embattled governor since 2017 and had long been described by New York media as one of his closest confidants of Andrew Cuomo handed over her resignation earlier on Tuesday, reported AFP.