On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration’s computer system malfunctioned, grounding flights all around the United States. The system at airports across the nation experienced hundreds of delays right away. No evidence of a cyber attack is suspected, said the White House, as per CNBC.

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More than 1,200 flights into, into, or out of the United States had been delayed. Eastern, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware. Over a hundred cancellations were made.

The East Coast saw the majority of delays, but they were starting to move west. In response to the disruption, airlines have started to postpone flights. The Notice to Air Missions System, according to the FAA, was being repaired.

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According to the FAA, it is currently carrying out final validation tests and reloading the system. National Airspace System operations are impacted.

The organisation claimed that while some operations are starting to resume, National Airspace System activities are still only partially operational. In a tweet, Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, stated that he is in contact with the FAA and keeping an eye on the situation. All domestic flights had been momentarily delayed, according to United Airlines, which added that it would provide an update after hearing more from the FAA.

The Notice to Air Missions System is currently being repaired by the FAA.

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Prior to the internet, NOTAMs could only be obtained through a hotline. A NOTAM is a message that contains information that is crucial to those involved in flight operations but is not known far enough in advance to be made public in any other way. 

The warnings range from routine information about airport work to critical flying restrictions or malfunctioning equipment. The outage has the potential to cause extensive disruption. All aircraft, including commercial and military flights, must route via the system.