Amid chaos in Afghanistan following the
takeover of Taliban, Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Suraya were amongst the thousands who were looking to flee the country with five of their children. They
feared for the life of their two-month-old baby who could have gotten crushed
in the crowd and chose to pass him to a soldier while being merely 16 feet away
from the entrance. 

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It took the family over a half of an hour
to cross the small distance but upon entering the airport the couple’s child
was nowhere to be found. Mirza, was one of the security guards at the U.S
Embassy and spent over 10 years guarding the place.

The distressed father frantically searched
all over the airport, asking every US official in sight for a sign of his child
but to no avail. One of the commanders informed him of the possibility of the
child being sent to a special area for children but the baby was nowhere to be

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Mirza Ali told Reuters that he spoke to
over 20 people for information about his baby. Eventually he was given a place
in an evacuation flight along with his wife Suraya and their children aged
17,9,6 and 3 years old with no sign of their youngest child.

The family was taken to Qatar followed by
Germany before being taken to the United States. Now they are waiting to turn
over a new leaf and restart their life in the US.

Mirza revealed that it was not uncommon for
families to hand over their babies over the fence at the Kabul airport. A viral
clip on social media showed the scenario when a small baby was sent over to the
other side and eventually reunited with her parents.

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The child’s picture has been shared amongst
the networks of the US forces and the officials familiar with the matter have
it on their priority list.

Suraya, the mother, has been distraught
ever since she lost her son but is still hopeful of a positive outcome from the