A fatal stabbing at Southeast Raleigh High School in North Carolina during a Monday morning fight left one student dead and another hospitalized.

Tragedy struck Southeast Raleigh High School in North Carolina as a morning altercation turned deadly, resulting in the fatal stabbing of one student and leaving another hospitalized. The incident unfolded in the gym and was captured on video, prompting a swift response from school authorities and law enforcement.

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Classes at the high school were canceled on Tuesday due to the tragic event. Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson confirmed that a juvenile suspect is in custody, but details about their connection to the school or the presence of additional suspects remain unconfirmed.

The deceased student’s identity has not been released, and the injured student is currently receiving medical attention for non-life-threatening injuries.

In response to the incident, a Code Red lockdown was implemented at the school, with law enforcement urging people to avoid the premises. Parents seeking to reunite with their children were directed to Walnut Creek Amphitheatre Lot D, where buses facilitated the process.

Wake County Superintendent Robert Taylor expressed condolences and pledged a thorough review of safety processes and protocols. The school, Southeast Raleigh, announced the closure on Tuesday to allow time for the community to process the tragic events.

The gravity of the situation prompted reflections from parents waiting to be reunited with their children, emphasizing the need for schools to be a safe environment. The tragic incident adds to concerns about school safety, echoing sentiments shared by parents grappling with the stark reality that such events are impacting educational institutions.

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As investigations continue, the focus remains on supporting students and staff affected by the tragedy. The Southeast Raleigh community, along with Wake’s crisis team, vows to address the incident comprehensively to ensure a secure and conducive learning environment in the future.