Patrick Dai, a self-identified “Hamas fighter” who was apprehended for allegedly issuing threats to harm Jews at Cornell University, is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. Despite his arrest, students on campus remain deeply concerned about the persistent antisemitism they are encountering.

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In the released mugshot, Dai, aged 21, appears composed, wearing glasses and a white T-shirt. He was identified as the individual responsible for threatening to commit violence at “104 West,” a university dining hall primarily serving kosher meals, and for making threats to harm Jewish men. Dai, a junior majoring in engineering at the prestigious institution, is set to appear in federal court in Syracuse, where he could face imprisonment for up to five years.

He stands accused of making disturbing threats online under various usernames, such as “Hamas fighter,” “jew evil,” and “glorious Hamas,” as outlined in the indictment. The charges against him include posting threats to injure or kill others through interstate communications. The indictment also states that he threatened to “bring an assault rifle to campus” and made explicit threats involving violence against Jewish women.

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Upon learning of Dai’s arrest, the news was met with horror and shock by students, according to Josh Rosenheim, an employee at the Center of Jewish Living on the Ithaca campus. He noted that over the past three weeks, students have experienced a range of emotions, from sadness and depression to anger and fear. However, Dai’s arrest marked the first time students felt genuinely terrified.

Engineering student Sam Friedman expressed that the threats were undeniably malevolent.