Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed his belief that the White House should be occupied by someone younger than Donald Trump in 2024. In response to a question about campaign ads portraying Trump as confused, DeSantis emphasized the need for a president below the age of 80, stating that it’s unrealistic to expect no effects from having someone of that age in office.

DeSantis argued against putting someone nearly 80 in the presidency, asserting that the idea of no consequences from such a choice is implausible. He underscored the importance of ushering in a new generation of leaders and having a president capable of serving two terms.

The issue of age and mental cognition has become a prominent topic as the 2024 election season gains momentum. With Joe Biden, the current president and the oldest-ever to hold the office at 81, seeking reelection and Trump, the leading GOP candidate, at 77 (turning 82 by the end of a potential second term), questions about the fitness of older candidates for public office have gained attention.

Despite their advanced ages, both Biden and Trump remain ambitious and engaged in politics, setting the stage for a potentially contentious election. The calls for a shift away from leaders born in the 1940s reflect concerns about the impact of age on political leadership and the need for fresh perspectives in national governance.