The Memphis Police Department announced the arrest of Ezekiel Kelly, a 19-year-old suspect who is “responsible for multiple shootings.” Police officials said that the suspect is “recording his actions” on Facebook.

Kelly killed at least four people and injured three others in Wednesday’s shooting rampage, which lasted for hours. 

Cerelyn Davis, the director of the Memphis Police Department, said that Kelly left behind at least eight crime scenes — seven shootings and a carjacking in Southaven.

Police officials previously spot Kelly in a grey Toyota, which had an Arkansas license plate No. AEV63K. He was captured around 8:30 PM.

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The official Twitter handle of The City of Memphis released a warning hours after the shooting. “If you do not need to be out, please stay home”, the post read.

The violent frenzy triggered panic amongst Memphis residents. Authorities suspended public bus services in the city, advising people to stay indoors. A baseball stadium in downtown Memphis was locked down after the incident, interrupting a minor league game that was underway.

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The University and Police Services placed the University of Memphis on lockdown citing reports of gunshots near Patterson and Southern. All doors of the campus were locked, according to an alert sent to students and staff members.

Chase Carlisle, a Memphis City Council and a known politician, wrote on Twitter, “I understand it feels like so much violence and evil to experience in such a short time.” Carlisle was referring to the recent high-profile killings in Memphis.

These included the shooting of a pastor during a daylight carjacking in her driveway, the shooting of an activist during an argument over money, and the slaying of a woman who was abducted while she was on a morning jog, CBS News reported.