Dallas Police have apprehended an individual suspected of firing into a pickup truck in South Dallas on Thursday afternoon, resulting in the tragic death of a man. The suspect then engaged in a shootout with officers, leading to a pursuit. Fortunately, an injured officer is reported to be in stable condition.

Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia provided preliminary details of the incident, stating that officers responded to a shooting call around 1:25 p.m. in the 4800 block of Scyene Road. Upon arrival, they encountered a man firing shots into another vehicle.

The armed individual subsequently turned his weapon on the officers, and they returned fire. The suspect fled in a pickup truck, prompting a pursuit. During the pursuit, the gunman drove into oncoming traffic toward the officers, resulting in a second exchange of gunfire. It was during this second shootout, on the 4700 block of Second Avenue, that one of the officers was struck in the vest. The officer is now in stable condition, though further details about their condition have not been released.

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Regrettably, the victim of the initial shooting on Scyene Road succumbed to their injuries. The victim’s identity will be disclosed once their family has been informed.

Chief Garcia suggested that the shooter and the victim likely had a prior connection, indicating that the shooting was not a random act.

Videos and images shared by the police showed the armed suspect driving a white or gray Ford F-150 pickup with a paper license tag and a taped brake light on the tailgate. The truck also had a toolbox in the rear.

A witness’s video captured the armed individual interacting with the driver of a white pickup truck. Subsequently, the suspect walked around to the passenger side and appeared to fire three shots into the cab while the driver took cover on the opposite side.

Jose Aldana, a witness, recounted the incident, noting that he had been having lunch when he noticed two trucks passing by, initially thinking one was experiencing mechanical issues. He described the driver of one truck stopping, exiting the vehicle, and opening fire on the other truck. Aldana called 911, and when a police officer arrived, the suspect fired at the officer before fleeing. He was unable to confirm whether the officer returned fire.

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As the armed individual began shooting at the police car, Aldana and others sought shelter, and they heard the suspect drive away.

The crime scene was cordoned off with police tape, and investigators were placing evidence markers in the parking lot where the incident occurred.