Mike Tyson, a former American boxer and also the youngest heavy weight boxing champion, recently uploaded a post on Instagram, calling out Hulu, a television network for a biopic series about his life. 

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He’s not happy with the biopic called ‘Iron Mike’ that is based on his life. It is a 8 episode series which the boxer now has asked his fans to boycott. He made a statement on social media specifically using the hashtag ‘#BoycottHulu’.

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He begins by writing in the caption,  “Hulu’s announcement to do an unauthorized mini-series of the Tyson story without compensation, although unfortunate, isn’t surprising.  This announcement on the heels of social disparities in our country is a prime example of how Hulu’s corporate greed led to this tone-deaf cultural misappropriation of the Tyson life story. “

“To make this announcement during Black History Month only confirms Hulu’s concern for dollars over respect for black story rights. Hollywood needs to be more sensitive to black experiences especially after all that has transpired in 2020.  The real Mike Tyson authorized story is in development and will be announced in coming days. Hulu to announce stealing a black athletes story during Black History month couldn’t be more inappropriate or tone deaf. #boycotthulu#corporategreed,” he wrote.

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He tweeted on Twitter as well saying, “Really Hulu?!”,”Stealing a black mans story during Black History Month? #corporategreed #boycotthulu.”

Hulu on Thursday, February 26, said, it had handed a straight-to-series order to a biopic on Mike Tyson biopic named ‘Iron Mike. The limited series will be from ‘Tonya’ screenwriter Steven Rogers and director Craig Gillespie. Karin Gist will serve as the showrunner.