Quadrupling the previous records of auction, the classic video game Super Mario Bro’s by Nintendo’s 1986 sealed pack game got sold for $660,000. The game’s copy was sold at Heritage auctions in Dallas on Friday, according to a report by Associated Press. 

In July 2020, the Super Mario Bros game was sold at $114,000 in the auctions, but the game sold on Friday was different in its own ways. The auction house said that the game was one of the finest copies made by the company and the sealed copy’s hang tab was intact making it reach more than half a million in the auctions. 

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Heritage’s video game expert Valarie McLeckie told AP that getting this copy was like finding a single drop of water in an ocean. The production window for the copy was so short that finding another copy from the same production run was very difficult and hence, the game costed huge. 

According to the auction company, the game’s copy was the finest one to have come up for an auction. In November last year, a game of Super Mario Bros. 3 was sold for $156,000 breaking all the records until Friday when the 1986 copy was sold.

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The video game was purchased in late 1986 as a Christmas gift, but the game stayed for years in a desk drawer until it was found earlier this year.