A wave of storms brought heavy rainfall in parts of Texas on Sunday afternoon, leaving several areas in Austin flooded and didn’t even spare the State Capitol grounds.

Footage emerged on social media, showing flooding inside parts of the Texas State Capitol extension. Sloan Byerly, Chief of Staff for State Representative Travis Clardy, captured video from inside the building that showed water leaking from the ceiling and another video showing the building floor submerged in ankle-high water.

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Following the emergence of the visuals on social media, Governor Greg Abbott quickly tweeted that his office was working alongside the State Preservation Board and other applicable agencies to address the flooding, saying: “It’s all hands on deck.”

An hour after the tweets from the Governor, Byerly provided an update that a “lot of the mess” had already been cleaned up. “Just want to thank the State Preservation Board men and women who have already cleaned up a lot of the mess. Their work everyday keeps this beautiful building clean and running,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Furthermore, Fox News reporter Carissa Lehmkuhl posted a video showing the cleanup process underway in the Capitol. She said, “Capitol looks a lot better than it did previously, looks like they’re suctioning up the remaining water.”

Earlier, on Saturday, the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Watch, which will be in effect through Sunday, in El Paso, Texas. The forecasters, reportedly, said scattered rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast almost every day next week.

Flash flooding is the number one weather-related killer in Texas.

The rainfall over the past 48 hours has been particularly heavy leading to major damage. One person died and another was seriously injured after torrential rain and flooding caused the wall of a house to collapse in El Paso on August 12.