In this year’s midterms in the United States, both the Democrats and the Republicans are looking to diversify their ranks of elected officials.

While Republicans are adding female governors and electing more Latino members to the US House, Democrats are expanding the number of Black US senators and making a breakthrough for LGBTQ representation in governor’s offices.

The race for control of Congress began Tuesday and election results are still coming in. In order to take control of the House and the SenateRepublicans only need to gain one seat and five seats, respectively.

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The race for control of Congress, as well as governorships and key statewide positions, has defined the 2022 midterms.

While some polls still continue, results for several states are already out. Here are three wins that is making history in the 2022 midterms.

Alabama Republican Katie Britt‘s win has made her the first elected female senator from Alabama. Britt is succeeding her onetime boss, retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby. Two women have previously represented Alabama in the Senate, but they were appointed to fill vacancies.

Britt, who is a former CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, defeated Democrat Will Boyd and Libertarian John Sophocleus.

Florida Democrat Maxwell Frost has won in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, according to a race call by the Associated Press. He is the first member of Generation Z – which refers to those born after 1996 – elected to serve in the US Congress.

Frost is succeeding Democrat Val Demings, who vacated the seat to run for Senate and challenged incumbent Marco Rubio.

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“History was made tonight,” Frost tweeted. “We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future.”

Oklahoma Republican Markwayne Mullin became the first Native American senator from Oklahoma in almost 100 years. Mullin succeeds GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe, who is resigning in January.

Mullin, a member of the Cherokee Nation, represents the state’s 2nd Congressional District. He faced former Democratic US Rep. Kendra Horn, 46, an Oklahoma City attorney who in 2018 defeated a two-term GOP incumbent from a seat that was with Republicans for four decades.