Just like America’s Independence Day that commemorates the declaration of liberty of the United States of America, July 14, the Bastille Day, marks the beginning of the French revolution. The struggles and challenges faced in this period of societal and political transition became the foundation of the very idea of democracy that the world advocates today. This victory of perseverance and democracy calls for a celebration and thus, Bastille Day is commemorated across the globe with great fervour.

Now, I am sure this makes you feel like catching a flight, land in France, and enjoy the military day parade and fireworks. But oh, dear Lord! International travelling is not a wise option right now. So, what to do? Kill the Francophile inside you, put on your pajamas and watch Netflix? Well, the choice is yours but it would have been a great option if you were in the 1960s or until and unless you are boring, which we know you’re not. So here we are to help you.

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Suggestions to help a Francophile celebrate Bastille Day in the United States.

New Jersey street fair

Jersey City’s bilingual school The French American Academy is putting a street fair this July 14. This event will host fun family games and contests, offer fine French wine and cheese for purchase, and of course the best part- authentic French food. Well, this is a too good to lose an offer. If you want to attend reach on 3rd Street between Eerie and Grove Streets on Bastille Day. The timings are 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Host a wine tasting party

Not all of us are confident and invincible enough to step out amid a pandemic and join social interactions. If you are one of those who want to stay home but still make the most of the day, consider hosting your own wine tasting party. Wine is fun, the party is more fun and together they make the perfect Bastille Day celebration. Call up your close friends and family, order some fine wines, and put on the best dress in your closet.

Cruise Party at Liberty Bistro

The American Pris club is organizing a cruise celebration on Tuesday, July 13 in New York. This includes a jazz performance followed by a wine tasting party and then head to Liberty Bistro at Le District for a special French dinner.

Cook macrons

If you find solace in your kitchen, trust me you are more sorted than you think. Cooking is the best way to heal your mind, body, and soul. Considering what we all have collectively gone through for almost two years now, we all deserve a bit of personal celebration. The best way to mark Bastille Day, a French holiday is to make the most French things possible. Internet is always there to serve you great recipes, so let’s get going.