A shooting near a Pizza Hut restaurant in Lynn, Massachusetts, has left three individuals seriously injured, as reported by the city’s police. The incident unfolded shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the vicinity of 39 State St., the listed address for the Pizza Hut.

Upon receiving a report of the shooting, Lynn police responded to the scene and discovered three victims with gunshot wounds. The injured individuals received initial treatment at the site and were subsequently transported to an area hospital. At the time of the police statement, there was no update on the conditions of the victims.

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Images and videos from the scene depicted the aftermath of the incident, revealing shattered glass storefront windows of the Pizza Hut and broken glass scattered along the sidewalk. Additionally, various personal items, including articles of clothing, were strewn in the vicinity.

Situated in a strip mall along State Street, the Pizza Hut shares its location with several other businesses. Witnesses described a distressing scene where three young men emerged from the Pizza Hut, only to be met with the sound of screeching tires and gunfire.

Ignaury Ortega, an eyewitness, recounted observing the chaos from a nearby gym’s front window, noting the broken glass and police presence. The parking lot outside the Pizza Hut was cordoned off by police tape later in the evening.

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As of the latest information available, no arrests have been announced by the police. The incident adds to the ongoing concerns surrounding gun violence, and the investigation into the shooting is likely to continue as authorities work to gather more details about the motive and individuals involved.