Glamorous interior designer and Philanthropist, Mica Ertegun, died at the age of 97 on Saturday morning. She died at her Long Island home in Southampton, New York.

She was known for her escape from Communist Romania after World War II, her attempt to run a chicken farm in Canada, and her marriage to a well-known figure in American pop culture, Mica Ertegun was a significant figure in the interior design scene in New York. Her friend Linda Wachner broke the news of her passing.

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Who was Mica Ertegun?

Mica Ertegun was a well-known philanthropist and interior designer who was praised for her taste in tasteful and refined design. She and her close friend Chessy Rayner co-founded the prestigious interior design firm MAC II in 1967. 

She designed beautiful home interiors for well-known people in the US and abroad during her storied career. Her early partnerships with fashion designer Bill Blass served to further establish her reputation as a style icon in the field of design.

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Mica Ertegun’s clientele was wide-ranging and included musicians, socialites, well-known artists, and prominent business executives. She developed personal bonds with many of her customers and frequently served as a reliable confidante and advisor. Her collection of designs included yachts, corporate offices, and art galleries in addition to residential homes.

Ertegun was an accomplished interior designer, but she was also a committed humanitarian. She was an ardent supporter of numerous cultural institutions and humanitarian organizations, serving on the boards of eminent non-profits like the American Friends of Turkey, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the New York Public Library.

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She also created the Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Scholarship Fund at Princeton University in memory of her late husband as part of her charitable efforts in the field of education.