A 17-year-old teen from Las Vegas tragically died after being attacked by about fifteen people while trying to protect a friend, according to his father. The teen has been identified as Jonathan Lewis Jr.

A youngster got into a brawl with more than a dozen people on November 1, according to Las Vegas police, close to Rancho High School. A portion of the fight was recorded on camera and circulated on social media.

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Who was Jonathan Lewis Jr.?

Jonathan Lewis Jr. was 17 years old. He died while saving a friend who was being attacked by a group of 15 people.

On a memorial website, Jonathan Lewis Sr., the father of Jonathan Lewis Jr., verified the terrible death of the teen. Lewis Sr. related the heartbreaking story of seeing his son’s life depart his body after being battered while holding his hand while he was in the hospital on life support for two days and nights.

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According to the website, Jonathan was a hero who bravely intervened to protect a younger youngster who was being bullied, which resulted in a cowardly, fifteen-person attack. With his entire life ahead of him, the adolescent, who aspired to be an artist, was described as generous and caring.

In order to guarantee that individuals responsible for the incident are held accountable, the Clark County School District released a statement expressing cooperation with the authorities. The statement highlighted the district’s position against violence and threats to the safety of students, emphasizing the need for the community to unite to address the needs of kids and settle disputes amicably rather than violently.

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Before the police came, the victim was involved in a physical conflict with about fifteen people, according to the police statement dated November 1. After the unresponsive victim received CPR from school staff, she was sent to the hospital with potentially fatal injuries.