Trevor Bickford, 19, a Wells, Maine native, was arrested on December 31, 2022, following an unprovoked incident in Times Square that left three NYPD policemen injured. A machete was used by Bickford to attack the officers.

Authorities described Trevor Bickford as a proponent of pro-jihadist movements. In addition, they discovered a handwritten note in his rucksack that appeared to be an order for a suicide mission. In addition, police discovered $200 and additional religious memorabilia in the attacker’s possession.

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The New York Post obtained the contents of the note written to his family from a police source. The unsettling letter to his brother included the following passage: “ To [my brother] Travis. Of anyone I’ve known who I have felt is closest to faith — it’s you. Of anyone I’ve ever wanted to accept Islam with me — it’s you. Please repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you.”

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Authorities discovered a note addressed to Bickford’s mother and brother after his arrest. The letter begged them to repent for their sins  and accept Allah as their Savior. Bickford mentioned his mother in the note: 

“To my family — specifically, mother — I’m sorry for not having been a good enough son.  I fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to the hellfire.”

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Authorities claimed that because he frequently shared pro-jihadist ideologies on social media, Bickford’s name was apparently identified in a government database. They said that after travelling from his native Maine, Bickford stayed at the Bowery Mission in Manhattan.

According to officials, Bickford’s flagging on the federal database occurred when a relative alerted authorities to his passionate preoccupation with radical Islamic movements. Before the suspect attacked the police on New Year’s Eve, federal officials spoke with him in advance.

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According to NBC, on December 31, 2022, Wells, Maine resident Trevor Bickford, 19, used a machete to attack police officers in the vicinity of Times Square in New York City. The officers who were hurt in the incident were taken to the hospital almost away and are said to be recovering well.