Former President Donald Trump has criticized Maui Governor Josh Green and President Joe Biden for their handling of the devastating wildfire that has swept through Maui, Hawaii. In a statement, Trump expressed sympathy for the people affected by the tragedy and lambasted the government’s response.

Trump accused the governor of blaming the disaster on global warming and other vague factors, rather than taking responsibility for the lack of preparedness and poor management of the aftermath. He criticized Joe Biden for his seemingly indifferent response, referring to a moment when Biden reportedly smiled while saying he had no comment on the tragedy.

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The former president emphasized that the government should have been better prepared to handle the situation. He questioned why the largest siren system in the world, meant to alert residents to disasters, was not activated during the crisis. Emergency communication methods were limited to mobile phones and broadcasters, leaving many residents without warning.

The wildfire has caused significant damage, destroying homes, businesses, and cultural sites. The death toll has been rising, and many people remain unaccounted for. Firefighters and search teams are working to sift through the ruins in search of remains. The disaster is considered the deadliest US wildfire in over a century.

Amid the devastation, questions have arisen about the government’s response and preparation for such a disaster. Hawaii’s Attorney General Anne Lopez is set to lead a comprehensive review of the officials’ handling of the situation. As recovery efforts continue, displaced residents are being provided aid, including temporary shelter and critical needs assistance.

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The Maui wildfire has left a trail of destruction, displacing families, destroying historic sites, and claiming lives. While authorities work to identify the missing and understand the full extent of the damage, the road to recovery is expected to be long and challenging for the affected communities.