In a peculiar turn of events during the second day of former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in Manhattan, a procession of twelve pizza boxes made its way into the courthouse. The delivery, orchestrated by three staffers, was an intriguing sight as the plate-to-pizza ratio appeared somewhat uneven.

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The boxes, discreetly labeled “delicious pizzas,” were transported by men donned in black suits. These pies hailed from The Pie Guy, an eatery conveniently located on Baxter St., just adjacent to the courthouse. The order comprised four plain, four pepperoni, and four meatlovers pizzas.

Meanwhile, within the courtroom, former Trump Organization accountant Donald Bender took the stand, shedding light on a critical aspect of the proceedings. Bender revealed that at a certain juncture, it became evident that he was not receiving all the requisite information from Donald Trump for accounting purposes. He, however, could not pinpoint precisely when this realization dawned upon him.

Under the scrutiny of prosecutor Kevin Wallace, Bender’s attention was drawn to a Trump Organization document dated March 10, 2017, which stated that all financial records and relevant data had been made available for compilation. It further emphasized that no pertinent information had been deliberately withheld.

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In response, Bender highlighted that there were “certain appraisals that we didn’t see for a number of years,” implying a lack of comprehensive disclosure of essential documents needed for accurate accounting. This testimony underscored the meticulous examination of financial practices in relation to the case.