An alleged gunfiring occurred Monday afternoon on the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill, injuring at least one person.

According to Orange County Fire and EMS radio, The Daily Tar Heel reported at least one shot was fired in Caudill Labs on South Road.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

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At 1:04 PM, students were informed of an “armed and dangerous person on or near campus.”

The warning instructed students to enter the building right away, lock all windows and doors, and wait until further notice.

As police and paramedics arrive on the site, the shelter-in-place order for students is still in effect.

According to Chapel Hill Transit, all buses in the region have temporarily stopped running their routes.

After being instructed to stay away from windows, numerous pupils were seen hunkering down and sheltering in place in videos published on social media.

According to ABC11, many students trying to contact their parents are having cell phone problems.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill started classes again last week.

Authorities briefly handcuffed an individual who was unaware of the lockdown, ABC11 reported.

The suspect is still being sought by police.

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“If you are on campus, shelter in place. If you are off campus, stay away from campus,” according to a tweet from the school. “We will provide updates as they become available. Continue to follow Alert Carolina for updates”, the school posted on their official social media page.

The state’s flagship university, where the fall semester began last week, had a significant police presence on campus, as seen in video from the incident.

On social media, the nearby Chapel Hill-Carrboro City classrooms announced that until officials deem it safe, the doors at its classrooms and offices would stay locked.