George Floyd, an African American man whose killing in May last year triggered numerous rallies and demonstrations across the United States, was honoured with a statue unveiled in New York City on Saturday, to mark the celebrations of Juneteenth.

The statute of Floyd, which stands six-foot-tall, was uncovered by his brother Terrence Floyd, who is also known for his participation in multiple demonstrations since May 2020.

The spirit of the Juneteenth celebration this year in New York City is expected to be filled with a sense of justice and pride and the country recognises the true end of slavery.

The statue has been placed at the Flatbush Junction, a prominent landmark in New York City, and is expected to remain on display for two or three weeks, reported CNN.

It will then be moved to Manhattan’s Union Square.

The state of New Jersey also took similar initiatives earlier this week as a bronze statue of Floyd weighing 700 pounds was installed at the face of Newark City Hall. It was designed by renowned artist Stanley Watts.

Ras Baraka, who has been the Mayor of Newark City since 2014, said that the statute is likely to inspire people to “become active in the things, the struggles that are happening right here in Newark and right here in New Jersey”, reported CNN.