Despite what appears to be Republican momentum leading up to the vote, US President Joe Biden said he is still confident about next week’s midterm elections and predicted Democrats will win both the House and Senate.

“I know you always ask me how we’re doing. We’re going to win this time around I think,” Biden told reporters in California, where he was running for office alongside a weak Democrat in a district that Biden easily won in 2020.

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“I feel really good about our chances,” he added. “I haven’t been in all the House races but I think we’re going to keep the Senate, pick up a seat. I think we have a chance of winning the House. I don’t think we’re gonna not win. We’re keeping the House. So I’m optimistic, I really am.”

Even as many Democrats grow more pessimistic about the prospects for their party, Biden has been optimistic about the chances for Democrats next week. The President’s campaign schedule, which includes trips to blue states to support candidates in contests that are closer than anticipated, is a hint that Democrats are weak.

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Biden believed that the majority of voters understood his message, nevertheless. He also objected to reports that his rallies lacked excitement.

“I find that most of the debate that occurs in the places that I’ve visited, I know you don’t think it but I think we have pretty good crowds. They’re fairly enthusiastic. You don’t write it that way, but they are,” the 79-year-old president said.

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“I find that the thing that gives me the most confidence is the fact that the policies we’ve initiated, people care about,” he added. “They want more. I don’t know anybody who’s really opposed to us bringing down the medical prices, prescription drugs, all those things. So I feel optimistic. You can smile.”