Joe Biden, the 46th
President of the United States, said democracy can no longer be taken for
granted in a stark statement in the world’s oldest modern democracy. “We can’t
take democracy for granted any longer,” said Biden speaking from Washington’s
Union Station six days before the final midterm ballots are cast.

The United States
will elect a new House of Representatives and a new Senate in the November 8

“As I stand here
today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America – for governor,
for Congress, for attorney general, for secretary of state who won’t commit to
accepting the results of the elections they’re in,” said Biden speaking from
blocks away from the Capitol where a mob interrupted the certification of the
2020 election.

“That is the path
to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful. It’s un-American,”
Biden added. The president’s message seems to be a reach out to American voters
who were considering sitting out the midterm elections. The Democrats don’t
seem greatly poised for the midterms.

Joe Biden’s speech
squarely placed the blame for the condition of American democracy on his predecessor,
Donald Trump. He accused Trump of cultivating a lie that then metastasized into
a web of conspiracies that has already resulted in targeted violence.

“This intimidation,
this violence against Democrats, Republicans and non-partisan officials just
doing their jobs, is the consequence of lies told for power and profit, lies of
conspiracy and malice, lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of
anger, hate, vitriol and even violence.”

“In this moment,
we have to confront those lies with the truth, the very future of our nation
depends on it,” the President said.

democracy is under attack because the defeated former president refuses to
accept the will of the people,” said Joe Biden. The President’s speech was at an event hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 

Biden’s concerns about political violence seem to have exacerbated since the attack on Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s 82-year-old husband. “I believe the voices excusing of calling for violence and intimidation are a distinct minority in America. But they’re loud and they’re determined,” he said.