US President-elect Joe Biden alongside his wife, Jill Biden, tweeted a video wishing the people of the US a Merry Christmas. The two-minute-long video started off with Biden acknowledging that this year has been particularly difficult for everyone. He further elaborated on struggles caused by the pandemic like unemployment, hunger and the limited financial capabilities of the Americans. 

Further in the video, Jill Biden said, “Many families are facing their first Christmas having lost a loved one. And we know how in times of grief a kind word can mean so much.” The future First lady of the United States added, “This is also a season of gratitude and we are thankful for the frontline and essential workers, the scientists and researchers. And we are thinking of our service members who are far from home and their loved ones who miss them.”

Joe Biden requested the people of America to consider limiting their travels and the size of family gatherings as well during the holiday season to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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The couple shared the message with an intent to spread hope to the people of America and prayed for a better tomorrow. 

The video ended with both of them saying “From our family to yours, a merry Christmas and happy holidays.