Eric Schmitt handily won the US Senate race, beating Vicky Hartzler and Eric Greitens, dashing Democrat hopes that an easy midterm was coming their way. Apart from a few close races, the results for the House of Representatives runs were blowouts. 

In Missouri’s 1st Congressional district, Andrew Jones won, inching out Steven Jordan, with Laura Mitchell-Riley coming third. Jones won with 42.4% of the votes, followed by Jordan’s 31.5% and Mitchell-Riley’s 26.1%.
The former ambassador for Luxembourg, Ann Louise Wagner won the 2nd Congressional district in a blowout, beating Tony Salvatore. As the incumbent, she won with 67.1% of the votes with 15.4% going to Salvatore, 9% to Wesley Smith, with the remaining 8.5% to Paul Berry. 

In Missouri’s 3rd congressional district, Blaine Luetkemeyer won with a staggering 69.6% of the votes. Brandon Wilkinson failed to impress with 16.5% of the votes, followed by Dustin hill with 12.2%. Richard Skwira Jr gathered a measly 1.7% of the votes.

Seven Republican candidates duked it out in the state’s 4th congressional district with Mark Alford coming out on top. Meanwhile, his toughest competitor Rick Brattin came in second in a tough primary, with the other candidates failing to make an impression on GOP voters. Alford won with 35% of the votes, with Brattin gaining 21.4% of the votes and the rest going to the five other candidates.

With three candidates for Republican voters to choose from, candidates in Missouri’s 5th congressional district had to play to the crowd, culminating in a close race. Jacob Turks won with 40.9% of the votes,  Jerry Burham lost his chance to run for the US House of Representatives losing by .6%, having gained 40.3% of the votes. Herschel Young came third with 18.8% of the votes. 

In Missouri’s 6th congressional district, incumbent Sam Graves won with an overwhelming 75.7% of the votes. The four other GOP candidates did not manage to garner 10% individually. 

In the 7th congressional district, eight candidates had their names on the ballots. Ultimately, Eric Burlison won out with 38.2% of the votes. 

The incumbent Jason Smith will be facing off against the Democrat’s Randy McCallian in November for the right to govern Missouri’s 8th congressional district.