Incumbent Kathy Hochul will be clashing with US Representative Lee Zeldin in the upcoming general elections. The two will compete for the New York governor’s office after winning their party’s nomination on Tuesday.

The primary elections for New York governor were crowded, for both Republicans and Democrats. Hochul, who became the incumbent just nine months ago, was in a three-way race, with US Rep. Tom Suozzi and public advocate Jumaane Williams giving tough competition.

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“I am also here because I stand on the shoulders of generations of women, generations of women who constantly had to bang up against that glass ceiling. To the women of New York, this one is for you,” Hochul said after she secured the Democratic nomination.

Zeldin, on the other hand, is a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump and was among the Republicans in Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election results.

Zeldin is attempting to become the first Republican elected governor in New York since governor George Pataki was reelected in 2002, according to reports from Associated Press.

Hochul repeated that in her Tuesday night speech, proclaiming that the state had “gone on the offense to protect abortion rights” and “making the world know that New York State is a safe harbor for America’s women.”

Hochul is likely to dominate the elections in November too as she enters the battleground with certain advantages. She is contesting elections in New York, a Democratic stronghold. The state has not had a GOP governor in nearly 16 years.

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Moreover, the Democrat currently holds the governor’s office and is also reportedly capable of running a well-funded campaign for the general elections.

Tuesday’s elections were bad news for Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. He managed to secure 23.4% votes on Tuesday, while his Republican rival Zeldin got more than 43%.