A horrific shooting incident occurred in Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday, as confirmed by police officials. The incident left four juveniles and one adult injured, as reported by ABC News.

The shooting took place in the 2500 block of Gum Road around 9 o’clock on Saturday night. Anyone with information on the event is being urged by the police department to come forward.

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Police were alerted to gunfire in a residential area at around 5 o’clock. There are no known suspects as of yet. The investigation is still ongoing, so authorities are requesting anyone with relevant information to come forward. Additionally, they have declared a $1,500 reward for tips that lead to an arrest in a formal statement.

Meanwhile, another shooting incident occurred in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon. Three people lost their lives as a result of the incident.

Police are now conducting an investigation into a shooting that left three persons dead in southwest Atlanta. The incident was going on near a number of stores on Evans Street around 1:30 on Saturday when officials got the distress call.

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The inquiry revealed that three of the people had been shot when they were discovered. Tragically, two of them passed away immediately from their injuries, and the third, who had been brought to Grady Memorial Hospital, later died tragically. Only these three individuals were involved in the incident.

Among the victims are a 17-year-old, a man in his early 20s, and a man in his late 30s. Their identities have not yet been made public. A man approached the other two and fired first, prompting one of the other two to retaliate, according to investigators.

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The authorities claim that they are not actively searching for any further suspects in connection with the incident. They are confident that the CCTV footage they have provides an accurate picture of the events.