A suspect in a 2021 killing was unintentionally freed from an Indianapolis jail facility this week due to a procedural error. The US Marshals Service is currently offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. The man has been identified as Kevin Mason.

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Who is Kevin Mason?

Kevin Mason is 28 years old. He was mistakenly let go from an adult jail facility in Marion County only two days after his original arrest, on September 13. A clerical error in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office staff’s record review process was the cause of this release. Authorities are conducting a manhunt right now and are asking for the public’s help in finding Mason.

Three warrants obtained in Minnesota led to Mason’s arrest in Indiana on September 11. One of these warrants charged him with murder in connection with a shooting that occurred in Minneapolis in 2021. Colonel Martin added that the additional warrants were connected to alleged parole violations and illegal firearm ownership.

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When a clerk at the Marion County sheriff’s office mistakenly deleted two holds from the inmate’s file while trying to correct duplicate bookings for him, the incorrect release happened. According to the colonel, a clerk in Minnesota released the last hold on Mason’s file the next day without realizing the first blunder made the day before.

Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal announced during a press conference that Mason’s girlfriend was arrested on Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of helping a criminal. He had asked her for a ride after Mason’s release. Forestal claims that ever since then, police have been keeping an eye on the girlfriend’s whereabouts. She hasn’t cooperated, the sheriff said, despite his attempts to talk to her.

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The two inmate records clerks who made the mistake have been fired from their jobs. According to Martin, there is now an internal investigation going on.