Vivek Ramaswamy calls out Ronna McDaniel at the GOP Debate and says she should resign after the Virginia elections.

Following the disappointing election results on Tuesday, a wave of discontent and dissatisfaction has emerged within the Republican Party. While some are inclined to point fingers at former President Donald Trump, there’s a growing chorus calling for the resignation of Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Critics have voiced their frustration, questioning the effectiveness of Ronna McDaniel’s leadership. They argue that the GOP didn’t perform as well as they had anticipated during the recent elections, with Democrats securing victories in states like Virginia, Ohio, and even traditionally red-state Kentucky. Furthermore, Democratic positions on issues like marijuana and abortion prevailed in Ohio.

Former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley was particularly critical, questioning Ronna McDaniel’s role and suggesting that her only appropriate action should be to resign immediately.

The discontent with McDaniel’s leadership has spurred criticism and even the creation of satirical memes across social media platforms. Some have drawn comparisons to the power dynamics within the party, invoking the idea that just as Representative Matt Gaetz was able to influence House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, only former President Trump holds the influence to effect a change in Ronna McDaniel’s position.

The Republican Party appears to be grappling with internal divisions and a desire for new leadership as it assesses the election results and contemplates its future direction. The call for McDaniel’s resignation underscores the uncertainty and tension within the GOP as they seek to regroup and prepare for future political battles.