Hollywood actor Johnny Depp’s lawyers broke out in a fist pump when the actor’s former wife Amber Heard mentioned supermodel Kate Moss during the trial. 

Depp’s attorney, Benjamin Chew, was seen smiling and fist-pumping in the courtroom as a “celebratory acknowledgment,” a source told The Post on Tuesday.

“Amber mentioned an ex of Johnny’s that clearly she felt was not supportive of him, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” the source revealed.

Heard brought up the supermodel while she was telling the jury about an altercation in which she punched Depp because she feared that he would push her sister Whitney down a staircase. Heard then mentioned that it reminded her of “Kate Moss and stairs.”

“(Whitney’s) back was to the staircase, and Johnny swings at her. I don’t hesitate, I don’t wait — I just, in my head, instantly think of Kate Moss and stairs. And I swung at him. In all of my relationship to date with Johnny, I hadn’t landed a blow. And I, for the first time, hit him, square in the face. And he didn’t push my sister down the stairs,” she told the jury.

Legal professionals believe that Heard name-dropping Moss during the trial could turn out in Depp’s favor and give his legal team a chance to debunk the rumor that he shoved the supermodel down a staircase during their relationship in the 90s.

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With Heard’s miscalculated revelation, Depp’s lawyers could bring in Moss to the witness stand, who could shed light on her healthy bond with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor and dispel the rumor.

“[Moss] is still allegedly friends with Johnny and her testimony wasn’t allowed to come in before because it wasn’t as relevant,” said Mitra Ahouraian, an entertainment lawyer based in California.

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“That’s one mistake that [Heard] made, was bringing up Kate Moss, which potentially opened the door to [Depp’s team] bringing [Moss] on as an impeachment witness,” — and Moss “saying ‘this never happened,’” Ahouraian added.