Wendy Williams, the iconic U.S. daytime talk show host, has faced a challenging health diagnosis, according to a recent press release from her team.

After years of speculation and concern over her health, characterized by moments of confusion and erratic behavior, Williams has been officially diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). These conditions, which impair language, communication, behavior, and cognitive functions, have significantly impacted Williams’ life, leading to a public acknowledgment to correct rumors and raise awareness.

The announcement aims to shed light on aphasia and FTD, urging for early detection, empathy, and a shift in the societal understanding of dementia. Despite her diagnosis, Williams continues to live with independence and her characteristic sense of humor, receiving necessary care and support. Her openness about her health battles, including a public fainting episode in 2017 and previous diagnoses of Graves’ disease and lymphedema, has kept her in the public eye.

Williams’ career, highlighted by the success of “The Wendy Williams Show” from 2008 to 2021, has been marked by her candidness about her health challenges. The show’s cancellation in 2021 due to these ongoing issues has not dimmed Williams’ presence, as she remains a subject of significant public interest, including a financial dispute with Wells Fargo and an upcoming documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?”, set to premiere on Lifetime. This documentary promises to offer an intimate look at her struggles, underscoring her enduring resilience and influence.