On Saturday, three individuals were shot and injured at the Christiana Mall in Delaware. All three victims were sent to a neighboring hospital to be treated. According to officials, two casualties are in stable condition and one is in critical condition at the moment.

According to officers, five additional persons were injured during the event, although their injuries were not caused by gunshots.

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The shooting, according to Delaware State Police, was not an accident. According to the investigators, at least one of the victims and a number of suspects got into a fight in the mall’s food court.

Three persons were shot during the event, while five more had other types of injuries. Police said there is currently no threat to the public, but they have not specified how many suspects they are looking for. One of the victims, Jim Harmon, claimed he was waiting for his supper to be done when the shooting started.

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Where is Christiana Mall located?

The Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware, is the state’s largest shopping mall as well as the largest outside of Oregon among the five states without a sales tax. The Christiana Mall is about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southwest of Philadelphia’s Center City. Due to Delaware’s lack of sales tax, the mall attracts many visitors from neighboring states.

The mall is located next to the Cavaliers Country Club and the hub of the Northeast megalopolis at the junction of Interstate 95 and Delaware Route 1/Delaware Route 7.

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Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Target are the four anchor stores of Christiana Mall. Barnes & Noble serves as a junior anchor, and Cabela’s and Cinemark Theatres are situated on the mall’s outskirts.

Every year, about 20 million people visit the mall. Christiana Mall is one of the most profitable shopping centers in the United States. The Christiana Mall Apple Store promises to sell more iPhones than any other site in the group. The Christiana Mall is worth more than a billion dollars.