Rina and Maia Dee – two British-Israeli sisters shot dead near an Israeli settlement on West Bank, were identified by Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, for the first time on Saturday.

“On behalf of all the citizens of Israel, I send my condolences to the Di Mafart family for the murder of the two wonderful sisters,” Netanyahu said.

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“In these moments, if the family is fighting for its life, and together with the entire nation of Israel, I pray for its safety, and we all send our condolences and strength to this dear family in this moment of great sorrow,” he added.

Who were Rina and Maia Dee?

Rina and Maia Dee were two British-Israeli sisters. Per reports, one of them was 15 and the other one was in her twenties. They were traveling in a car with their mother when they were attacked and killed allegedly by Palestinian gunmen. The 45-year-old mother was also seriously injured in the incident.

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Rabbi Leo Dee, the father, was traveling behind the mother and daughters in a separate vehicle. He witnessed the gunning down of his family before his eyes.

He later released a statement to the Telegraph saying that he was “confident justice will be done”. He said: “Some people think that a religious government will suppress minority rights and become totalitarian.”

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“But this is not a risk in Israel as religious Jews simply believe in balancing love and justice. For our part, we have felt a warm hug of love from Jews in Israel and beyond and we are confident that justice will be done,” he added.