President Joe Biden hosted a “Pride Month 2023” event on the White House lawn Saturday. As part of the celebration, the American flag that hung at the center of the White House was replaced by a rainbow flag that stands for LGBTQ.

It was called “Progress Pride flag,” which was surrounded by American flags on both sides. Many people on social media were not impressed by the display because they thought that the POTUS had disrespected the American flag by replacing it with the rainbow flag.

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Here are some of the reactions:

Joe and Jill Biden, however, could not be prouder of the display or the event on the White House lawn, which was clear from their tweets. “Nothing like a little bit of sunshine and ice cream to celebrate Pride at the White House! To all the LGBTQI+ families who joined us today and are celebrating across the country: Know that you belong, you are beautiful — and you are loved.” the first lady wrote.

“I know that too many people in the LGBTQI+ community are worried and afraid about their future and their safety. I want to send a message to the entire community – especially to transgender children. You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You belong,” Joe Biden wrote.

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There were performers and speakers at the LGBTQ event who represented the community’s causes.

“Outside the gates of this house are those who want to drag our country backwards, and so many battles yet to be braved. But today, we’re not here to be strong. We’re not here to be courageous. Even though for so many of you, just coming to this event is an act of bravery,” said Jill Biden said at the event. “Every day that you’re alive and someone loves you is a miracle. And when you leave here to go back to the place that needs so much change, take that miracle with you.”

However, the event did not go all smoothly for Joe Biden, who at one point seemed to have been lost in the crowd and had to be called for by Jill Biden as the performances were beginning.